Let the Healing Begin


Ca$h Money in tha House!

Sometime in July of 2012 my therapist, Sheila, Wrote a letter to my long term disability insurance provider. I was appealing their decision to deny me any compensation. I was honestly floored by their decision and lack of compassion and understanding. Boy was I naive. Sheila’s letter stated that by November of 2011 I had become almost a full – blown agoraphobic. And it takes time to get to the point where you can find your courage again and join in the Real World once more. Now I had this furry bundle of Pit Bull Joy. And he needed regular outdoor exercise. He needed food, toys and other supplies from the pet store. So I carefully ventured outside with him for walks. I drove to the pet store with him. And slowly we both began to reclaim our lives and enjoy our New Normal. Together.

I was preparing Ca$h for his first social event. Sheila and Coco Bella were planning on attending an Animal Reiki Workshop conducted by a Reiki Master Teacher and Animal Communicator named Jackie. Sheila gently coaxed me into going with Ca$h. I had only a dim idea of what Reiki was – and that did not guarantee my belief in it. Ditto on the Animal Communication. But we are nothing if not open to new ideas so I committed. I figured Ca$h and I both could stand some ‘healing energy’. Edwin and I gave the Pit Bull a bath that he did not appreciate but took like a Man, and bought a seat belt and muzzle at Petco. Although I had hopes of eventually successfully socializing him, Felicia had told me that at times he had exhibited aggression towards other dogs. She believed that although he did not actively look for a fight, when faced with aggression he was not one to back down. I wanted to be prepared and take no chances.

So smelling good and seat – belted in we set out for the adventure. Ca$h was a wonderful traveler. He sat in the passenger seat of my car and took in the sights and sniffs around him. And we almost made it to our destination without any hiccups. But sometime after we started the drive he had wrapped himself up like a mummy in his seat belt. In his confusion he tried turning around and sat on a button that promptly rolled his window down. The big Goof looked at me sadly and apologetically. I quickly rolled his window back up and released his seat belt, helping to get him untangled. He then crawled across the console and into my lap for all the world like a Chihuahua that needed comforting. Are we there yet? I managed to gently shove him back into his own seat and we made the rest of the journey without further excitement.

We arrived at the Reiki Workshop. Dogs, dogs and more dogs. Actually it was probably no more than ten but this was the first time he had been around others of his kind since his Shelter days. Of course there was the expected pulling, scrabbling and whining. I stated up front his likely dog aggression. Jackie asked if we would like to sit in a quiet area slightly away from the group and I was thankful for her kind perception. The next two hours were spent alternately listening to Jackie expound on Reiki Healing and trying to quiet Ca$h who was taking exception to two yappie corgis sitting behind us.  They stared rudely at him and barked death threats. He took it as a personal affront. But by the end of the session he had calmed down considerably and lay at my feet. The group remarked on how nicely he was settling down.

Jackie stopped by each one of us individually and chatted. I liked her. I was dying to ask her to do her communication thing and tell me what he had to say about all of this, but I resisted the urge. Still, she knelt beside Ca$h and appeared to be listening. I heard nothing. She told me that he was  grateful for being rescued from his bad situation. He told her he was very happy – reiterating it twice. He told her he loves his Mama. I melted. Then she became quiet and still. I looked at her questioningly. She softly said that he had suffered extensive abuse in his life. She asked if she could perform a Reiki Healing on him. Jackie said Ca$h gave his permission so I gave mine. She raised both of her hands with her palms out but not touching him. Ca$h was sitting with his back to her. After a few seconds she chuckled and told me he said it ‘feels good.’ This healing would help him deal with his past horrors. Ca$h sat still and submissive – calm. When Jackie was finished Ca$h strangely flopped down on the floor and rested his head on his paws. Jackie said this was a common and appropriate reaction to help the Reiki sink in. She told me he would stay this way for four or five minutes and then be ready to roll. Even as the majority of dogs were leaving the building Ca$h stayed in his prone position. And after a few minutes he stood up. I thanked Jackie and Sheila and we walked to my car. Ca$h walked quietly without pulling or acting like a lunatic.

I am not an idiot, although I am known for being quite gullible. I do not know if everything that happened that day was real or fabricated. I would need further research and thought before I came to my own conclusions. But I knew that if there was a chance of something helping him safely, I would be willing to try it.

On the way back home he wrapped himself up again in his seat belt. I reached over and released him. He immediately lay down in his seat and shut his eyes. We reached our house, went for a short walk and then climbed up on the couch and took a long peaceful nap together. Jackie told me before leaving that Ca$h is now officially certified to be a Reiki Dog and perform healings for himself and for me. I beamed proudly as any Mother would of her exceptional child.

Chalk one up for Breed Ambassadorship.

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12 Responses to Let the Healing Begin

  1. Sherry Pitman says:

    So in love with Mr. Ca$h….. Cannot wait for the next installment 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh!!!! I would LOVE to do this! Great post!

  3. We have had several of our dogs and fosters reikied. A wonderful guy who was friends with someone who had rescued a dog from the rescue we work with offered to do it for free for fosters and adopters. It was a neat experience. Some of our dogs really enjoyed it and some of them weren’t too into it. I actually got reiki done to me by him as well and it was quite an experience! I am loving hearing about Ca$h’s adventures. He seems like an amazing dog.

    • Free Reiki – that is so cool of him. Maybe it should become a requirement! Ca$h is a good boy and keeps Edwin and me entertained with his antics – makes me wonder what I did before I adopted him…

  4. Nini says:

    I just want to hug him today. You to!

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  6. Paula Perry says:

    thanks for following my blog and please do look more into reiki. it is a fantastic healing therapy everyone can do. you do need attunements, which can be quite expensive. i always ask for guidance from angels/universe for anything i am contemplating. reiki is non-intrusive and can be given from a distant. reiki can also be used for plants or food.

    • Will definitely study up on it more and look for more sessions in my area – thanks!

      • Paula Perry says:

        you are very welcome. we can bond with our pets and other animals on such a deep level. Reiki also opens so many doors for personal spiritual growth. Reiki works well with traditional medicine and other healing modalities. If you take classes, please take the time to find a teacher you connect with. Reiki classes are not regulated, so make sure you have a reliable caring teacher. good luck on your journey! it’s a wonderful journey!

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