Please pardon this interruption of the story of Ca$h and myself, but I wanted to share a picture taken a few days ago of our 2013 Vacation. Every year my Family meets off the coast of North Carolina and we spend a week of total relaxation. That is until 2012 when the Pit Bull joined in the fun. Now our week, while still relaxing, is spent parenting Ca$h and his never – ending pleas to run full tilt into the surf crashing into the biggest wave he can find, snapping fiercely and more often than not getting completely immersed.

For a land – locked state, West Virginia certainly produced one Wave – Jumpin’ Fool of a Pit Bull!

Here, Ca$h and I share one of his calm moments at night on the beach in front of the Lighthouse.

‘ At the beach, time you enjoyed wasting, is not time wasted.’

t.s. eliot

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13 Responses to Interlude

  1. Sherry says:

    Lovely photo….Jean and I were just talking on the phone last night about what a love bunny he is 🙂 Cannot wait to read more!!!!

  2. maggie0019 says:

    You look very happy…both of you! Woof!

  3. cooper says:

    he is just gorgeous and happy and loved. my two AmStaffs would love a romp on the sand right now…

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I can just smell the salt air.
    You look happy and Ca$h looks ready to escape and charge the water again.
    Looks like fun times.

  5. Nini says:

    He gets that from me. I got it from his Papaw. Also he probably inherited some surfer mojo from his Daddy, who is the ONLY one who will swim with me “Shark Week” notwithstanding.

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