‘Father! — to God himself we cannot give a holier name.’ – William Wordsworth –

With Papaw

Somewhere around 2 years ago, I was walking my pit bull, Ca$h Money through a park a block from my house. Art had always been a passion of mine, but for years inspiration had eluded me completely. As Ca$h and I cut across the park my long-absent imagination went from zero to ninety in three seconds. I wanted to write a children’s book. And illustrate it.

The plot, characters, settings and visions of pictures went by in a mental slideshow. But what to call my Pit Bull protagonist? Obviously he would be the manifestation of Ca$h. But I did not feel that name would be appropriate for a children’s book. Especially with that corny dollar sign… The names for the other characters were easy – names from family and friends’ dogs I wanted to honor and memorialize. But the protagonist was really special! What name could do him justice, please a child, characterize my hero and just fit perfectly? I only had to look as far as my own Father to find that answer. My Daddy, Walter Reid Perry. Walt the Street Dog was born.
My Father passed over on May 1st . His life was 84 years of orneriness, energy, passion for athletics and raising his four daughters and walking his own path without hesitation.
Daddy, I hope Walt does you proud.
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2 Responses to ‘Father! — to God himself we cannot give a holier name.’ – William Wordsworth –

  1. Charles Ray says:

    I Don’t know about Walt, but I Know’ but I know He was sure Proud of You..

  2. Thank you, Charlie. In a lucid moment before he passed he told me that. It meant everything.

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