Regret, Learn and Move Forward Fearlessly


Madonna states unequivocally at the end of one of her songs, “Absolutely. No. Regrets.”
I have regrets. Quite a few. Maybe a lot – depending on how you define ‘regrets’. I never really saw them as a bad thing – just things I learned from making a choice that could have been made differently, smarter. Now ‘bad’ would be if I repeated those same choices knowing I’d regretted them the first time. Or at least that’s my philosophy. Such as it is. And if you’ve read this blog you know THAT’S a work in progress so please don’t think about adopting any part of it for your own. Just Sayin’.
I had the great surprise and honor of being contacted by Anna Bellenger of the Diamond State American Pen Women’s Group (Delaware) to come speak and sign copies of ‘The Street Dog’ this March. I was invited to their luncheon hosted at the DuPont Country Club. THE DuPont Country Club. And Ca$h Money was issued his own personal invitation to the event as well.
Now I still feel embarrassed to a degree when I realize that someone values what I have to say enough to pay me to speak. Reading to the kids in the Parks of Wilmington during Summer is different, somehow. Maybe it’s the raucous coloring sessions at the end of the reading. I researched the Pen Women’s organization and realized we are talking nationally known authors and artists. I would not be bringing my coloring books and crayons.
But I would  be bringing The Pit Bull. By special request.
Maybe you have to be a Delaware native to completely appreciate the wonderfulness of this. Ca$h and I are both West Virginia transplants and we certainly get it. I feel confident in stating that he would be the first Pit Bull to ever cross the splendid DuPont Country Club’s perfectly coiffed lawns and massive stone façade to partake in cobb salad and plates of sweet confections.
I knew the moment had to be recorded and I knew exactly how to do it – Rodney Street Style. The last thing I planned to accomplish that day was a selfie for the ages. Me, Ca$h and the fantabulous DuPont Country Club sign looming large behind us.
 The event went very smoothly. The ladies were awesome! They fawned over Ca$h who accepted the adulation graciously. One asserted that he must be an exceptional service dog – he licked her hearing aide when she bent down to greet him. Books were signed, sold, exchanged and I spoke truthfully and pulled no punches during the question and answers session afterward. There were still hands raised when the moderator called a stop to the day. Ca$h and I had a blast. It felt like we’d known those ladies quite a bit longer than just a couple of hours.
We loaded the car up and said our goodbyes. It had been a drab day and it was starting to turn from a mist to raindrops. I’m always the last to go and this was no different. Ca$h and I accepted help loading books into the car, he and I hopped in as the raindrops got bigger and I thought Damn! The only thing I didn’t get was the pic of me and Ca$h in front of the club….oh well…
Absolutely. No. Regrets. Alright Madonna, you win this one.
I wheeled the car to the bottom of the enormous round driveway, put it in neutral, pulled the parking brake and grabbed  Ca$h’s leash. Always my partner in crime, he jumped out enthusiastically. I looked once over my shoulder to ensure a good shot. I did not have much time before my hair would look like Keanu Reeves’ in Point Break. We snapped a few frames and jumped back in the car. Then we headed home – exhausted and happy.
It would have been a regret – a small one, but a regret nonetheless. Now it’s a 5 x 7 on my office desk. A reminder of a beautiful day full of diversity and open-minds.
And I keep learning that it’s never to late to do what you might have done if only…..
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4 Responses to Regret, Learn and Move Forward Fearlessly

  1. Marcela says:

    Great post. Gorgeous Pit Bull:-)

  2. I love your content! I’m glad you liked my post of the Pitbull named Rider.
    And I do have to agree with you that Pitbulls aren’t treated well, and many people think that Pitbulls are monsters, which is false, as a matter of fact, Pitbulls are actually very kind, all of the Pitbulls that are dangerous is only dangerous because the owners are horrible and very likely treat them unkindly etc.

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