Jill Perry Carpenter was born in Huntington, WV and is a graduate of Marshall University.

Raised around the rolling hills of West Virginia, few things sparked her imagination like a blank sheet of paper just waiting to be filled.

Many years later, she would adopt a down-on-his-luck pit bull and name him Ca$h Money. The inspiration for Walt the Street Dog had arrived.

Jill’s blog shares the story of Ca$h’s rescue and adoption. Together they have some hilarious escapades which she has documented for our amusement. 

Jill, her husband Ed and her Muse now live in Delaware, where there are endless sheets of blank paper waiting to be filled.


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10 Responses to About

  1. Jean A. Perry says:

    Can’t wait to read about the gang!

  2. ruthrawls says:

    Thank you for putting your thoughts out in the big universe!

  3. Good luck with your novels! And nice to meet you!

  4. So glad you left a comment on Learning from Dogs and thence from there to here. Best wishes, and best of luck with the books.

    • Thank you! The kickoff book of the series just came back from being line – edited. Is there anything more tedious than the editing process? I cannot wait to get them on the market – I truly believe they carry great messages….

  5. Congratulations and we at Little Dogs Laughed wish you much success-paws up to Ca$h!

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